30 Day Discipline Challenge

"it's the things you give attention to that flourish." 

(a thought that came to my mind and i've been meditating on for the past 2 weeks)

If you are a a follower of this blog you'd have noticed that we have been a bit awol! Between the house move and other things it's just been unbelievably hectic. However, I also couldn't believe that I went for almost 2 months without updating this, which is meant to be our little diary! So much has happened over the summer that is worthy of keeping on record! Apart from that I have ideas swimming around my head for different projects to the point where I sometimes feel I might explode! So......last week, I got frustrated enough to decide that I needed to get some discipline back in my life! I say back....not really sure I've ever really been that disciplined, haha! However, now I know that without discipline and routine I will never achieve the things I want to achieve!

an old pic - dropped in because that outfit makes me happy!

I decided to google "30 Day discipline challenge" in the hope that I would get a lot of different ideas. In the end only one thing came up, and it seemed to be aimed at men of a particular demographic: young, single, body conscious etc...  I read up on it & decided that actually this might just be the sort of challenge I need! Having looked at the 12 areas I needed to discipline myself in, all bar one were relevant. I decided to get the workbook & get myself started! Deciding when to start is always tricky, the book says "Start Now!", but I tried to do the 1st of the 100 pushups and realised it wasn't happening! Something creaked and I could swear I saw a puff of dust where my bones have not known such exertion in so long.

So below are my main areas for my 30 Day Challenge:

1. Wake up daily by 5am - this will be painful, but I know it's necessary. I can never get anything of my own done whilst the kids are running around!

2. Exercise - the author requires 100 push ups, sit ups and body squats. As I could barely manage 1, I have joined the gym. I will be doing a class a day / swimming some lengths in the pool & building up to a reasonable amount over the 30 days. I'll see how many push ups etc I can manage by the end of it all! Haha!

3. Everyday my answers to questions must be yes / no.  No excuses or explanations. This is big for me as I am a waffler. I love to elaborate. In interviews I can normally see the interviewer wandering off mentally & planning their dinner for that night as I digress during an answer! Yes / No. Done.

4. Everyday do something to further my big goal. Self explanatory. Just get on with it!

Oh and there's something in there about taking a cold shower everyday for 30 days. We'll see about that. Maybe if someone sponsors me....hahah! There are 8 other areas, one doesn't apply to me so I'll substitute it.  You can check out the discipline challenge


. (I am not promoting this workbook for any financial gain on my part. simply sharing what i found online!)

In the meantime, we'll be filling in the gaps with regards to what we've been up to all summer! So, here it goes! I am starting on Monday 14th September and will complete it on 13th October. Let's see how it goes -eeeeeek!!!