1st Day of Big School

Today I am back at school! Well, I say back - last year I was in nursery - today I'm a reception girl! I'm so excited! Mummy was a little less so. She kept hugging me and begging me to stop growing so fast - yet just last night she was begging me to finish my dinner so I could grow. Make up your mind mum - it's mixed messages like these that result in messed up kids. #justsayin....

Here I am with my mummy in front of my classroom. Sorry the picture is fuzzy - it's the best of a rough bunch! As you can just about see, she made an effort for my 1st day of school! It happens to also be the beginning of the build up to a challenge mummy has set herself which I'll tell you about in the next post. 

I think we were both ready for me to go to school. I'm asking mummy a lot of very hard questions these days like:

Question: What flies in the air and wobbles?

Answer: a jellycopter! 

Mummy never gets the answer and I'm beginning to despair of her intelligence quota. She did laugh out loud the first time I told her the answer - now she lets out a lame whimper and sends me off to find my brother. I think she might be aware that I'm smarter than her & despairing too. Well, I'm only going to get smarter now so she better get on with her challenge if she's to answer more difficult questions like:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: (anything I feel like saying in that moment which she'd never know but that's not the point. Answers range from to eat yoghurt to because her mummy told her to.)

I hope you're having a fantastic day whatever you're doing - new beginnings are the best!