Staying the course

This is the third year we've had the opportunity to have a family shoot with Maja - this was actually our 4th session - and she never disappoints. 

We decided to make it an annual tradition and build up family portraits that chart the course of our progress as a family. The timing of June / July is perfect as it coincides with both children's birthdays.This year it was on a warm and balmy July evening  - Maja had assured me the lighting would be perfect & I always trust the experts!

To say that the timing of this shoot wasn't as ideal this year is an understatement. Having just completed on a house purchase money isn't exactly flying around. But one thing I've realised in life is when you make a resolution to do something, it will be challenged. We want these portraits as a marker of each year - the journey we've been on and the challenges & triumphs associated with it.

Personally when I look back on these pictures in years to come, the first thing I'll notice is my hair. I cut it in the midst of all the deaths & tragedies that surrounded us. As I stood in the bathroom one morning untwisting my hair, kids screaming for my attention and with a to-do list as long as my arm, I just thought I need to simplify and enjoy my life. All those people whose life was no more would surely choose another moment with loved ones, as opposed to stressing over a failed twist out! I decided on the spot to cut my hair. One less thing to stress about in the morning. I went to our room and saw the piles of clothes waiting for me to buy a chest of drawers to house them. I took them to a charity shop. One less thing to spend money on. Slowly but surely we've been de-cluttering and simplifying our lives. I've been reading some great blogs by people who are living simpler, more streamlined lives and enjoying them. Making memories, enjoying moments not filling their lives with stuff. I'll be sharing more in upcoming posts.

So as much as it might seem a little indulgent to do these shoots, they are a perfect reminder of the journey we are on. The bags under my eyes do not lie!! At the same time, the joy on those 2 little faces is worth the bags and a whole lot more!!

Maja is an amazing photographer, extremely patient and has a fantastic way with the little ones. We love her dearly and are looking forward to our shoot next year which I've already started planning! Check out her website



 I had a hard time whittling down these pictures - sorry - she sent me over 60!! Contact her for awesome portraits.

**All images courtesy of Maja Tsolo Photography **

i wore:

Dress - Choies

morayo-hope wore:

Dress - Cath Kidston  - sold out

shoes -Little Bird by Jools Oliver for Mothercare

judah wore: tshirt & shorts -

zara kids - sold out

shoes - startrite

 Thank you for being part of our journey!!