A New Day

this picture represents the day when after 18 months of looking for a house, selling a flat, moving twice, and being let down on the seemingly perfect house; I finally got the keys to our new home! mummy, judah & I went to get the keys from the estate agent and we skipped all the way back to the car. we bum shuffled on the drive to the house & i bounced up and down like a bunny rabbit at the front door. we finally had our own house. ours.

we ran into every room and giggled. i stripped off my uniform and ran around in my knickers! We opened the doors to our garden. ours! we ran up and down it. ok, i ran, judah toddled, mummy got sidetracked by next doors extension. 

i asked mummy if we'd be moving again & she gleefully exclaimed "NEVER AGAIN!!" However, i'm sure i heard her telling my uncle her dream house was round the corner from ours & she'd be working on improving this house to sell up and buy that one. like the olden day singer Brandy said, never say never. 

we are just waiting to move in in a couple of weeks once a few things have been done! we are so excited!!