Hello Again!

Well, how funny to be back here - where we first started! We are having some issues with our site which have unfortunately gone on for a rather long time!As this platform was still here, I decided we would just give it a quick revamp & try and pick up where we left off! It's been a long 3 months & so much has happened that I won't go into right now! 

June is such a special month for me - it's the month I gave birth to my first born - Morayo-Hope. Her due date was June 10th 2011, but she did not arrive that day, much to my frustration and shock! She chose to stay inside for another 14 days!! To say I was beside myself is an understatement. I displayed the sort of behaviour that would ordinarily cause people to start calling for the men in white coats. "Why is this baby not coming?!" I'd sob into my mum & friends' arms.  Every phone-

call would end in tears. I would walk till I was sure her head was engaged only to get home & have zero contractions. I would be sure I was in labour only to be sent back home by the hospital. They told me I'd know when I was in labour.  That is the one phrase I hated as a first time mum. "Don't worry you'll know!" they'd say with a glint in their eye. And boy did i know.

Suffice to say "she was born". :)

And now we are set to celebrate her 4th birthday which she has been anticipating with such excitement since 1st January! "Good morning mummy / daddy" was swiftly replaced with "Is today my birthday?". So I find myself back in that place of anticipating the arrival of that special day - although this time thankfully fully aware of when it will be! 

We hope you'll stay with us back here in our old home!

Tanaka, Morayo-Hope & Judah Iyanu


p.s : this site is still very much work in progress. a bit like living on a building site if you will. our headers don't work yet amongst other niggly bits but i just couldn't wait any longer! please bear with us whilst I get my head around the coding!!