"I'm just cleaning my jaw", and other stories..

if you are a parent, i am sure you've had those moments when your toddler says something & you think "did she/he just say that?!". usually it's when you are trying to be serious and assert your authority. suddenly, you are in fits of laughter. MH does this more times than i care to think - i've decided to note these down as my memory...well, lets just say if i can remember what i ate yesterday, we are doing really really well!

morayo-hope: mummy i've lost my birth mark.

me: what?! (how does she know about birth marks!!!)


i walk into the room (this was Christmas 2013)

me: what are you up to morayo-hope?

mh: nothing. just chilling like a boss.

me: huh?! (where did she even hear that?!)


me: morayo-hope come here

mh: ok mummy

5 minutes pass

me: morayo-hope, i asked you to come here.

mh: oh, sorry! i'm coming mummy, i'm just cleaning my jaw. i'll be there in a minute ok?

me: (insert a shocked face here.)

i wander over to the bathroom & she's on her stool, looking in the mirror & rubbing her jaw


dad: Morayo-Hope stop that please

mh: pretend I'm not doing it daddy



Morayo-Hope has resumed the habit of taking her trousers/shorts/skirt off as soon as we get home and running around in her underwear.

daddy: Morayo-Hope don't take your shorts off

mh:(grinning & putting shorts back on) - ok daddy

(runs off to her room)

(comes back with no shorts on)

us: (holding back laughter) why did you take them off mh

mh: I didn't take them off in here daddy


imagine a cat clearing a furball from it's throat....yes, that sound. that's the sound mh makes when she clears her throat.

daddy: mh clear your throat like this (makes a slightly more dignified sound)

mh: my throat is gone now daddy - i already cleared it.


me: morayo-hope, stop jumping on the bed!

mh: why mummy (still jumping)

me: you'll fall and hurt yourself

mh: why will i fall and hurt myself

me: because you are jumping on the bed

mh: why am i jumping on the bed?

me: morayo-hope. just stop.

mh: why should i stop mummy?

me: cheapflightstozimbabwe.co.uk


me: here's your dinner morayo-hope

mh: aww thank you mummy! mmm this is yummy, you are the best cooker in the whole wide world!

me: thanks boo (heart melting, grinning like a cheshire cat....hmm, on that note - do cheshire cats really grin? if they do, why only them i wonder..hmmm..) (runs off to cancel that one way ticket to zimbabwe)



now to catch her saying it on video....

have a fab weekend!


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