Traditions Old & New

a week before our birthdays, we had a photo shoot in virginia water with Aunty Maja - one of mummy's favourite photographers (check out all her fab work here). mummy had decided that we were going to make family portraits a tradition every June. mummy loves a birthday centred tradition. she already set up the one where her birthday is celebrated throughout the month of March. she said when she was born she was sure people didn't just pitch up that day & move on. they must've been streaming in steadily throughout the month & sending my grandma messages to check all was ok. all these moments must be celebrated she says. naturally we are following suit so June & July have been all about us!! well - sort of. somehow mummy has found a way to get in there by saying mums should be celebrated on their kids birthdays as they carried them for 9 months & delivered them with much gnashing of teeth. yep - she'll do anything for a gift that one. so we had this photo shoot which mummy is hoping will form part of a lovely gallery wall in years to come. She said we don't have to be the royal family to commemorate special days in our lives. but aren't we royal? daddy said i'm a princess...



MTP_Sotinwa_37   MTP_Sotinwa_38


MTP_Sotinwa_46 MTP_Sotinwa_42 MTP_Sotinwa_50



the centre of the shoot was baby Judah's brand new radioflyer wagon.  mummy had planned it all in her  head - probably from the beginning of time. she had always fantasised about her kids having this wagon and spending many a summer dragging eachother around in it. as soon as judah was born, that was it. she began researching the wagon. after a brief dry mouth period induced by the £200 price tag, mummy hatched a plan to get daddy to bring it over from the USA where it cost around £70. more palatable.



MTP_Sotinwa_35 MTP_Sotinwa_30



she assured daddy it would fit in his suitcase. look at it. ofcourse it didn't. so daddy had to stone face it past customs and gave mummy an assurance that he wont be trusting her word again. mummy was too busy texting aunty maja confirming that the central item was in the country and the shoot was on. imagine mummy's horror when we all arrived at virginia water & the screws started falling out as daddy dragged it along. (apparently he hadn't had the right tools when he put it together that morning. no, we don't do things last minute at all.)  aunty maja suggested perhaps leaving it. silence fell. mummy would have carried it on her head if she had to! she had a dream & it would come to pass! daddy remembered all his hard work to get it here. so he carried it. one of my my godmothers', aunty Tinashe, helped out too. they had all bought into the nutty woman's idea! we had fun in the woods with bubbles, laughter & tense moments as passers-by admired the wagon, waiting to see it  really move & mummy worrying about it crashing spectacularly should we indulge their curiosity.



MTP_Sotinwa_33 MTP_Sotinwa_23 MTP_Sotinwa_25


so here's to new traditions and new adventures with our new wagon! yes, it's ours baby judah: What's mine is mine, because it has "i" in it, and what's yours is ours because there's "ours" in it. thats what i heard mummy explaining to daddy the other day...



i wore : top - primark , skirt - zara , sandals - gapkids

baby judah wore: top & trousers - gapkids

mummy wore : dress - french connection

daddy wore: trousers & shirt -gap, shoes - office shoes


do you have any fun family traditions? please share :)

   **all images shot by maja tsolo of maja tsolo photography**


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