A tha tha tha tha!!!!!!

Translation: happy birthday to me!!!!!!!
Erm Judah, it's 6am! Go back to sleep! More importantly, let me go back to sleep & keep calling you Baby Judah in my dream.
You've woken up so full of beans - is it possible that you know it's your birthday? You are desperately trying to wake your sister up - ah, there you go, she's kicked you in the cheek! Now she's awake. She's happy, oh now she isn't - and now daddy is awake too! He is referee today - a job you helped introduce to our lives the day you arrived.image
That beautiful day that you came and showed us our capacity to love was greater than we ever imagined. I had spent many a day wondering if I could ever love another child the way I loved your sister. You've shown me I can. And that my love for her can grow even more because of you & the sides to her you have helped to reveal.


You are such a joy. Your smile lights up the room and every fibre of my being. Not least because you took your time to jump on the smiley bandwagon! Then your laugh! Oh your laugh is like a drink of water on a hot day. We anticipated the day you'd finally laugh & it took a  while. You laugh on your own terms and are proving quite the tough one to amuse! We love it though - you are helping to sharpen our comedic skills!

I can already understand why they say the bond between a mother & her son is special. You have n't started crawling yet (you still miraculously get from one end of the room to the next!). Am I in a hurry to encourage that? Answer: would I be in a hurry for you to get your first girlfriend? Anything that keeps you close to me for one more day can only be a good thing in my book! ( plus it stops you wrecking this now sold flat! You are a very strong boy!)


We named you Judah: God be praised. May people thank God that you walked into their lives. Be a source of Joy & strength for those around you - just by being you! We also called you Iyanu - a wonder. May you truly be a wonder. Rise above every stereotype & expectation & be an example for others to follow.

Our prayer is that you live up to your names & that we will have the skills to bring you up to fulfill your potential & live your dream.

My selfish prayer? That we have our special mother son bond that no woman can put asunder!! Sigh. Ok - fine. That you'll always indulge me and your sister in a little bum jive in the kitchen as we dance to Bracket's "Girl, Girl!"

My Baby Judah. Even when you become a teenager and scowl when I say it, I'll whisper it under my breath as I wish you a good day at school. And at night when you go to sleep and have a "hazardous area, do not enter!" Sign on your door, I'll stand over you as you sleep and still see my baby.


I love you more than you'll ever know

(and more than any woman....ok sorry..)

(What do you mean who is Bracket?)


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