birthday countdown: morayo-hope's wishlist

oh yes!! it's that time of year - birthday season is upon us! i am so excited as i am going to be 3 this year! as i am a bit bigger and can articulate myself vocally - (as you know i was born already writing) - i have been dropping hints here and there about what i'd like for my birthday. well, not so much what i want for my birthday. just what i want generally. it turns out that mummy is smarter and has asked the girls in nursery to tell her what i enjoy doing best during playtime and cross checked it with her own observations at home. from there she has come up with a list of top contenders for my gift.

1. a scooter

everytime we go to the park i stop and stare at the little kids on their scooters longingly. mummy finds it very upsetting and it takes her back to the days when she and my uncle really wanted bmx bikes but my sekuru (grandpa) had bought them some bikes from India as kids. they had to manage those bikes well into their teens. they were frequently laughed at but my sekuru was never one to cower at peer pressure. thankfully my mum hasn't got such strong resolve and is already eyeing up this nifty little scooter because she's a sucker for the prettiest of them all. she also says she likes that it has 3 wheels making it easier for me to learn to balance & she's read great reviews about it. pah! she's a sucker!

micro scooter

available from john lewis - click here or from Mini Micro Scooter - click here

2.  a dolls house

as some of you may know, earlier this year i was admitted to hospital. during my time there i was confined to my room & my favourite thing to do was playing with a dolls house. at nursery i also spend a lot of time playing with my friends in the dolls house corner.  mummy never had a dolls house growing up. infact, she stopped playing with dolls prematurely as one of her aunts said she should move on from that at the age of 7. i reckon she secretly wants this for herself!

dolls house

available here

3. a play  kitchen

my favourite thing to do is help mummy with the cooking! she lets me have a plastic knife and chop mushrooms and sweet peppers. i also help her to stir the food in the wok - away from the stove ofcourse! at nursery i spend much of my time in the cooking corner.  mummy is keen to harness this passion i have for cooking. she said she was able to make simple meals at 10. this was mainly because she had an aunty who stayed with them who constantly went on and on about how well her younger cousins could cook & how at the age of 8 one of them was cooking meals for her entire family. one day mummy flipped and shouted "THATS BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN THE RURAL AREAS!!!!".  You could have heard a pin drop. (the girls older sister was staying with them at the time so it was extra inappropriate.) mummy's aunt said "WATI CHII??!!" (you said WHAT?!!). Feeling extra recalcitrant mummy opened her mouth to repeat herself when she noticed that one of her aunt's arms was  reaching for a wooden spoon. she sprinted out of the kitchen, her aunt hot-footing it behind her spoon in hand, and her cousin following screaming "please don't hit her!".

mummy ran across the seemingly never-ending front yard and leapt over the gate. she spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the gate till some visitors came to her rescue. she loved visitors. as mummy knows she could be arrested if caught chasing me with a wooden spoon, she's decided  to make me love to cook and save herself some future drama!

she currently loves these two as they are neutral colours & non stereotypical! judah will cook!


available here


John Crane Kitchen Station_A_WP-1

available here (a new little shop we've discovered thanks to our facebook fan - thanks Kirsty!)

mummy is obsessed with wooden toys as she is becoming more passionate about recycling.  she also loves toys that both judah and i can play with and enjoy together. phew - i'm off to be a very good girl because i'll be soooo happy to have any of these!!