walk like a robot & other stories...

mummy is back at work. the first few days were the toughest for mummy. she was so tired all the time and found herself eating constantly to stay awake. the second week she had her wisdom tooth removed and felt a bit sorry for herself. the third week was a more settled week and she is getting into a stride and is much happier.

when mummy gets happy, she sings. in all her jobs she's been known for humming away whilst she works and this has sometimes annoyed a few co-workers who couldn't quite hear her so she sounded more like an annoying buzzing fly. usually she was humming some current top chart hit or some 90's r&b - based on the current state of her love life: toni braxton's "he wasn't man enough for me!" featured regularly as a feel good song.

this last week, mummy was about to introduce her new team to her humming tendencies when she tuned into the song playing in her head. she stopped in her tracks as she heard "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!" playing along happily in there! What?!  she was glad she hadn't sung that out loud. a few moments later she was bouncing along to another tune in her head: "dora, dora, dora the explooooorer!" woohoo! by the time "walk like a robot, ooh ooh ooh, walk like robot!" came along mummy realised that perhaps she'd been watching a little too much cbeebies & nick jr. rastamouse theme song , dr ranj theme song and peeeeeeeppppa pig all featured in there. mummy says the guillotine is fast coming down on what we watch. she wants to rebalance things so she can join in adult conversations at work.

guess who jumped up and started shaking her booty like a pro as soon as "ra-ra the noisy little lion" came on?  she said the tune is just too irresistible. a-ha. whatever makes you feel better mum.

Anyway, here's what we wore yesterday to church:

IMG_9199 IMG_9200 IMG_9201 IMG_9202

i wore:

top - primark

skirt, tights & shoes - zara

hair clips - h&m


IMG_9203 IMG_9208 IMG_9209

judah wore:

colour block shirt - babygap 

chinos - babygap

IMG_9213 IMG_9217

 mummy wore:

jeans - topshop

jacket & bag - zara

top - reiss

shoes - kurt geiger

necklace - h & m