my best friend jadon

this is my best friend Jadon. he was born 5 months after me(he arrived 1 month early as he couldn't wait to meet me!). he was so tiny i gave him a little pinch to check he wasn't a doll!



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we do everything together - and he's the one person guaranteed to put a huge smile on my face when i'm not in a good mood.


In our early walking days, Jadon made it his business to chase me around and kiss me. i wasn't so keen on his advances and made my position clear. mummy pointed out to me that Jadon was the sort of boy i'd be fancying at 14 & passing notes around for. i gave her that "speak for yourself mum" look. after all she was the queen of teen crushes. she once did fancy a  boy the spitting image of jadon and took up a keen interest in my uncle's midweek football just to be around him. let's just say her then buck teeth were not his cup of tea. then there was the boy she fancied for the longest time in zim. he finally asked her to meet him after school and she was on cloud nine! she arrived for their rendezvous smelling as fresh you imagine those roses in the Estée Lauder advert smell. he shifted nervously from foot to foot trying to get the words out of his mouth & she waited patiently whilst rehearsing a calm "yes, i will be your girlfriend" in her head. he finally looked up as her heart sped & said "tanaka, I really need you..."

"WHAT?!", mum thought, "who knew HE NEEDED ME? yes! a thousand times yes!". she was grinning like a cheshire cat as he landed "i need you to help me ask belinda out."  say what?!! she kept that smile frozen on her face like a freshly botoxed essex girl and nodded a little over enthusiastically agreeing to aid her crush in getting the girl every guy was queuing up to date. she cried all the way to her besties house my uncle in tow probably happy that mummy wasn't going to date anyone just yet.

so, knowing the tragic love story blood line i was born into (trust me there's enough to inspire a few Toni Braxton hit singles) i've decided to try and be nicer to Jadon. a hug here, a kiss there. now, the boy is feeling fresh. hmm. i hear he's started at a new nursery. i need to go and walk around so people know what's what. mummy says i could carry a boom box blaring Brandy & Monica's "The Boy is mine!". ooh kaaaay mummy, chill. after all, i have daddy's teeth. it's all good.