Our Flat

as i mentioned, we have sold our flat and are moving on to a better life in a house, with a GARDEN! yay! daddy isn't quite as ecstatic about the whole garden scenario as it seems he's been automatically assigned the role of garden-keeper. as mummy goes pinterest crazy pinning all the amazing pictures of stunning gardens she sees, i have decided to show you pictures of our current abode. mummy says this place will continue to hold a special place in her heart as this is where they started their life together and where myself and baby judah first called home.

photo 5 (3)

this is a view of one side of our kitchen where many a delightful meal has been prepared. mummy agonised for a long time (6 years) over what colour to paint it. things came to a head when they had to paint it for sale. this bright sunny yellow must have hypnotised the buyers into making quick offers! (oh yes, we used to have a lot of chairs around that table, then mummy had a brainwave and...sold them on ebay before she had decided what she was buying.....now here we are.)

photo 3 (4)

our living room lay out changes regularly, this was the layout that day!

photo 2 (5)

this is the room i share with baby judah. mummy took pride in painting that chest of drawers a zingy yellow for a unisex colour scheme. she also enlisted the help of a couple of friends to sew that blind by hand (a separate post will have to go up about this room!)

 photo 1 (4)

this is mummy & daddy's room. mummy takes special pride in that bed as she bought it on ebay and re-upholstered and painted it. it is her pride & joy!


these images were taken by the estate agent's photographer. as you can imagine, mummy cleaned like her life depended on it. if you had been in the flat as these were being taken you'd know that my mummy and uncle were shuffling all the clutter from one room to the next. apparently an image showing life as it really is does not sell flats.

the weeks that followed were hilarious as mummy had to ensure the flat looked exactly as it had done in the above images everytime prospective buyers came. we were living in a showhome! mummy even sat on the corner of the sofa and pretended to read her Harpers Bazaar whilst one buyer walked around, doing the obligatory smile and nod as they peered in. the illusion was shattered each time someone asked to see the garage. lets just say you could happily furnish another 2 bed flat and clothe a mini refugee camp with everything stored in there. we are sure  there is a family living in there. of rats.

right then, off i go to warn daddy about mummy's garden obsession....some of the stuff she's pinning will require a landscape art engineer.



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