Mummy's "back to work with a bang" black handbags‏

there's nothing mummy loves better than shopping for a new handbag in which to carry her next new purchases. these days she has the following excuses for a new handbag:

1. I gave birth to another child

2. I now have 2 children therefore have more gear to lug around

3. I only have brown handbags

4. Have you seen how big that boy is

5. I need it and l'oreal told me i'm worth it

6. I'm going back to work

7. We all need to do our bit to support the British high street

8. Jesus could return tomorrow and we'll leave all those savings behind!


talk about clutching at straws. here goes:


1. Asos £75 leather doctors bag - buy it here

photo 1

2. Karen Millen leather croc £225 handbag. - buy it here.

according to mummy, nothing says "i mean business!" more than croc leather. i'll keep that in mind for when i'm demanding biscuits for dinner.

photo 2



3. Zara leather bucket bag £159 - buy it here
Let's face it! If there hadn't been a zara bag on this list you would have cried foul. We all know mummy spends half her life on the Zara app filling and emptying her basket.

zara bag



4. Zara leather bucket bag with zips - buy it here

this is the bag mummy will buy after she's shown daddy the bag above and he says no. she knows that he'll then think £80 isn't too bad compared to £160. Result. If she went in at £80 then she'd wind up with one of those "if you like Nike then you'll love Neki" type bags. she says these skills are essential in marriage and that i need to learn now.

zara bag 2



5. Mulberry Alexa £1100 - buy it for mummy here
this is the "dreams can come true" handbag. as it is a fun satchel bag whose price is equivalent to most peoples monthly mortgage, it might be hard to convince daddy. but then again, if she wins that daybreak competition...(yes, she still goes on about it)

photo 4

so there you have it, mummy's dream list of black handbags for back to work. do any of them take your fancy?

off i go to ask daddy for a crocodile.