a short story

so...incase you were wondering we are still alive! over the last few weeks a lot has been happening in our world. mummy is getting ready to go back into the world of work full time, we have sold our flat and are busy hunting for a new home. i say "we" but it's really mummy and daddy! baby judah and i have just been eating, playing and sleeping.


another amazing thing that happened was that we were featured on the website of Africa's 1st fashion channel, Spice TV. mummy was ecstatic as can be expected. i wrote a piece for them and she chose some fun outfits for mums & tots. she also got to showcase 7 outfits from her wardrobe to show how she dresses in a week (disclaimer: this typical week is one that obviously isn't all one week, so please add a pinch or tablespoon of salt!). you can see my article here and mummy's article here.


so, if you look at mummy's outfits you'll see she quite likes the shorts. it hasn't always been that way! mummy has an ongoing love/hate relationship with her legs. she was teased a lot at school, with one boy taking particular pride in hollering "she's going to snap!!" as she did athletics. as fate would have it she bumped into this boy when she was 20 and he was all "oooh Tanaka!" and she swiftly reminded him of his youth crimes. he didn't remember and apologised profusely. mummy didn't care and told him the axe forgets, but the tree stump never forgets!


as a result of the bullying she had decided to spare the world her legs and as soon as she could she hid them under trousers. a few years ago she got over the issue and decided that at 70 nobody would want to see her in shorts (well, daddy would have to), so she better get on with it now. she said we all have one body, change the things you can (with exercise etc)  and embrace the things you can't! life is not a rehearsal, it is for living to the full!

 mummy and i are embarking on a healthy body image series, please check out our fb page regularly for more info!