mummy's birthday

mummy started her celebrations at midnight, the time she was born. daddy gave her a brand new camera and it was all she could do not to sleep clutching it in bed. she read all about the camera online and got more excited each minute. i, ofcourse, was fast asleep - anticipating all the cake that was to follow the next day.


in the afternoon, mummy joined a few friends for a civilised afternoon tea arranged by my uber fashionable aunty & fellow blogger,  adenike. check out her fab blog here. even though it was just a few of them, they had a whole room to themselves! i was going insane at all the cakes and sandwiches on offer. i didn't know quite what to do with myself, so i ate as much as i could. just as everyone felt they could take no more, a huge chocolate cake was brought in. needless to say nobody could eat it came home, much to daddy's delight.


a photo with the non "african-timers" **cough cough**


in the evening, daddy surprised mummy with dinner at her favourite seafood restaurant, Loch Fyne. it was their first date night in...well, since baby judah came along. mummy resisted ringing in to check if we were still alive at home. if she had rung she'd have heard that i was busy discovering  the  hard way that there is a limit to what my tummy can take. my uncle's clothes can testify to this fact.

if they'd hoped to continue their evening at home then sorry! we were waiting up to greet them when they got home.

as we went to bed mummy announced that we'd be celebrating her birthday throughout March. she says she's sure people celebrated her birth beyond 1st march. sigh. and her stance was validated the next day when she was given some yummy cupcakes by her friend and baker aunty Gabby  of Olivias Sweet Bakes - check her out here.

photo photo (1)

mummy said only those that supported her stance could eat them....basically her.

dictator?my mum?never...

**our pictures were taken by my uncle taz - see his growing portfolio here**

what i wore:

entire outfit from zara

what mummy wore:

dress - zara (from the sale)

bag - vintage

ring - topshop (old)