Christmas Day in Nigeria

we went to Ikenne to spend Christmas with our great grandpa. the drive made mummy think she was going to meet her Lord and Master that day. the driver who took us there was a nutter said mummy. he seemed to be here in the flesh but in reality be on a grand prix circuit in monaco. he was a restless sort of fellow, fast looking with shifty eyes and a toothpick permanently in his mouth. the type of guy that young girls know their dad wont like & therefore must be cool so they have crushes on. this was the guy entrusted with our safe carriage on the already crazy highways of nigeria. mama prayed a hundred prayers.

his speed on the way to Ikenne was quickly hampered by excessive traffic and a lane closure. we drove past a sofa that had fallen off a car rooftop and mama said a quick "thank you Jesus" as she pictured what might have been. as her imagination went into overdrive, we arrived at great-grandpas house. he was the major reason we were in nigeria. mummy and daddy really wanted him to have a chance to see us whilst we are still small. he is 97 and told mummy he plans on being around for 20 more years. ...she is saving for a private jet to fly him to the uk going forward.

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there were lots of aunties and uncles for us to meet and it was a fun and lively christmas day! the day was spent eating and drinking, hearing stories from our uncles who grew up with daddy.

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my granny's sister, whom i also call granny, got me to try on this 'gele'. I loved it! she said now i looked i a real princess! i felt great,especially when i was given the jewellery to wear too. i was in my element! then grandpa gboyega (my granny's brother), who calls me "little zimba" (because i'm half zimbabwean), gave me his hat to wear and also snuck me some sweeties! unfortunately for me daddy's eagle eyes were on it and as i made for the door to go and eat them, he caught me. he is the real daddy long legs. sigh.

the drive back is what did it for mama though. the driver seemed to be hell bent. just hell bent. he was weaving in and out of traffic, narrowly missing an accident with a yellow minibus / a freight truck / a coach and every other vehicle bigger than us.  mama got worked up to the point of exhaustion & somehow...slept! she was  shocked to wake up still on earth but she swore never to do that journey again. she was at this point reminded that they'd be going back the next day for a separate family gathering. needless to say it was a different driver the next day & for the rest of our stay!

 what i wore:

dress - gap

what mummy wore:

a harrassed look on her face.