a nigerian blessing

after a day's rest to recover from all the dramas of driving up and down the nigerian highways, we had a blessing service courtesy of our grandpa. my grandpa is a meticulous man, and so everything was planned to a perfect "T". it brought memories of their wedding back to mummy and daddy as they remembered grandpa turning up to the first meeting with his own wedding folder filled with his planning documents. that certainly kicked mummy's butt into gear!

overnight the house was transformed to a mini reception area with beautiful tables and chairs ready for our guests. there is a small chapel in the house which is where the ceremony was held. as with any day when something very important is about to happen and mummy really needs us to cooperate, we chose not to. well, i say we. really it was just my little big sis. from the bathing to dressing to sitting still in the service she just acted like she had a million ants in her pants.

it's a face-off!

i've never seen mummy as intense as she did that day. she was the bottle of coke and my little big sister was shaking and shaking and shaking her up. she was fortunate that 1) there were so many people around 2) it was our day and 3)that they were all granny's and grandpas. on any other ordinary day they'd all have been queuing up with furrowed brows to give her a tap on the bottom.  All mummy could do was give her some intense gazes that said "you just wait till this is over!".


morayo-hope's behaviour reminded mummy of a story her daddy (sekuru) used to tell her about when he was a child. in their day when visitors came they had to politely leave the room and go out to play. however, there was one visitor who always seemed to arrive around food time. they would ignore their mothers cues for them to leave. they'd go on to say "oh, so you are back again?" their mum would give them a strong look and wink in the direction of the door. they would ignore that and continue to taunt the visitor, then just as the guest was about to leave they'd jump up, make their excuses and run off , not returning till it was dark.

i might have to try that some time.....let me just go and skype my sekuru (grandpa) for tips!in the meantime, these are some more pics from the blessing which ended with much merriment and dancing at the reception. those pics will follow on the next post!

my aunty funke, uncle busoye and grandpa. Morayo-Hope still doing her thing...

friends at last! maybe she just wanted those shoes off!
**our pictures were taken by detta mega crown ltd. very professional & highly recommended event photographer in lagos: 08023441576**

what mummy wore:

jacket - topshop (old)

trousers, tshirt & shoes - zara (old)

what m-h wore:

dress & shoes- zara kids

what i wore:

trousers with suspenders - h&m

shirt - little rocha at debenhams

shoes - zara kids


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