We interrupt the Lagos series...

to announce that this Saturday is our mummy's birthday......she is being dragged down a slippery slope kicking and screaming and waiting at the bottom are 2 numbers: 3 & 5 ,  with arms open wide.

she claims she is:

thankful - that she has lived to see this age that others never got to know

excited - that the best years are yet to come

blessed - to be mummy to 2 gorgeous babies

(she's fooling no-one here! we've seen her looking at her uni pictures & chowing down a whole tub of icecream singing the golden oldie "where do we go from here, why's my heart filled with so much fear..!" at the top of her voice, with the neighbourhood dogs joining in for good measure. we'll tell you why you are filled with so much fear mama -  one step closer to the zimmerframe!)

anyway, she is also extremely grateful to have gained such amazing blog-friends over the last 2 years and would like to give away 2 beautiful necklaces from H & M's "New Icons" collection 2013.




all you have to do to enter the giveaway is:

1. follow our blog on bloglovin by clicking this button:   Follow on Bloglovin

2. like us on facebook by clicking here

3. comment below to let us know you've done it

we'll put your name in a hat and myself & judah will pick the names from the hat on mummy's birthday! this is open to everyone everywhere!


all the very best - mummy wishes she could give everyone a necklace but she's saving up to buy the brand zara so she can live there. #truestory

xoxo fom m-h

ciao from judah



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