Lagos Day 3

we finally got to go and stay with my aunty funke & grandma! it was so much fun in their house. it is a perfectly round house with a courtyard in the centre. grandma said she saw the design in an american magazine - a texan ranch house and she loved it instantly. daddy said they had so much fun as kids in this house.

mummy decided that this was the perfect day to slip away and get someone to come and do her hair. she had  arrived fully expecting to pay about 5000 naira (£20) for whatever hairstyle she chose. she was given a rude awakening when she was told it was 15000 naira for someone to come to the house. apparently this was the busiest time of the year and the lady couldn't spare anyone to leave the premises. as she slowly came round from that coma inducing announcement, mummy decided that sitting in this little market wasn't all that bad and that baby Judah would be fine with the emergency milk at home. she paid 10000 naira to look as close as she'll ever look to Solange Knowles. a collective gasp was heard from the braiders as they surveyed mummy's shrunken afro. "don't they have relaxers in london?" / "why is this hair like this?" / "ah, my sister, this one na serious matter o". it was as if God himself had come down from heaven to cancel Christmas. they were so despondent. by the time mummy had blowdried the hair it was like the miracle of lazarus being raised from the dead. suddenly normality was restored. but still the questions went on: why would anyone in their right mind want to have natural hair?? mummy looked at them point blank - "Because that is my hair. Deal with it."

photo 3 (12) photo 4 (10)

during the braiding mummy looked across at the only other customer in this "busy" salon. she was about 4 years old and was getting her hair done in shoulder length twists. she looked like she was in agony & mummy was getting increasingly vexed. why was it necessary for a 4 yr old to get braids so small & so painful. she voiced her opinion & soon found she was in the minority as little kids started appearing from everywhere with all manner of braids in their hair. those hairlines....

photo 2 (12)

so anyway, hair got done & mama was ready for christmas. Only thing she didn't bank on was the inconvenience of having waist length hair, a toddler and a baby. let the games begin! that hair was sat on, pulled, chewed, yanked - and that was just me! baby judah had a good go too. this was the best hair yet! woohoo!

mama wore:

outfit: sewn by a fab tailor in Lagos

shoes: Reiss (old)

lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

i wore:

sun dress: primark

p.s - by day 3 the novelty of calling mummy "mama" had worn off somewhat & i was now interchanging the 2, sometimes just shouting *Tanaka!*.



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