Lagos Day 2

did i tell you that we paid £200 each for our visas to nigeria? i guess i thought mama did - she certainly told anyone that cared to listen - as if somehow by saying it over and over someone somewhere would suddenly offer her £800 for her troubles. no such luck.

in light of this insanity, our first port of call on Monday was the passport office to secure some green passports for those of us that qualified....mama didn't qualify.  the passport office followed the same trend of having  as many staff as clientèle. With such a ratio, one would think it would run at the peak of efficiency....not quite. Some people were simply there standing around and occasionally shouting "NO STANDING AROUND! KEEP MOVING!!". So, move we did. From this little building to that. To the next little building and then back to the beginning. In that time we filled in 3 short forms and daddy was told off for disturbing someone who had just returned from her lunch-break and was resting whilst her food digested.  basically we got nowhere fast.

mama and my aunty funke decided life was too short and left daddy and uncle busoye to it. off we went to the tailor to pick up an outfit for mama. whilst waiting for the outfit to be adjusted, i took a walk around the compound and got to see 2 chickens that were generally roaming the street. we became firm friends.

photo 1 (13)

"here chicken, chicken!"

a few hours later we arrived back home and found my daddy and uncle had just got back from the passport office. they relayed the rest of their joyous time there as mama and aunty exchanged looks that said "thank GOD we left!". daddy said he wasn't wasting another day of his holiday going back there so operation green passport was shelved. did i tell you they knew someone at the office? oh yes, they did. so imagine how long it takes when you don't? i need a lie down...

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