Lagos: Day 1

ok guys! thanks for your amazing here begins the story of our fab holiday in lagos, nigeria.

after a pretty interesting exit from the airport (which appeared to have as many staff members as passengers arriving), we headed back to my grandpas home. infact, quick rewind. at the airport we were rushed to the front of the queue because we were a family. my mama was delighted! she only enjoys queuing when she's clutching some amazing bargain. in the end we were still the last ones through immigration. the officers took great delight in doing a roll call of our names, one by one and then quizzing my mama on whether my daddy really was her husband. mama was becoming increasingly convinced someone was breaking into her suitcases and stealing all her her head, they had lasered her suitcase and seen all the shoes! as mama sunk deeper into her own madness, daddy was being reschooled in the Lagos airport procedures. A few thousand naira worth of handshakes later, we were out in the buzz of the Lagos night. mama exclaimed to my uncle how it never ceases to amaze her the number of people that are always hanging outside the airport! who are they? are they really meeting anyone here?

we arrived home to a place whose groundfloor lounging area was bigger than our entire flat. i went nuts, running around and discoveringlittle nooks and crannies. baby judah just looked around and took it all in happily.mama prised her suitcase open and was relieved to find everything intact.

so onto day 1.

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i saw the swimming pool the night we arrived as grandpa took us on a tour of the home. i woke up ready for a swim. i did everything i was asked in the name of that swim! i was probably the best behaved 2 year old in it's anticipation. i made it to the pool eventually and had fun splashing about with daddy. mummy was nervous to go in after dad had said she looked "frantic" when she swims. she always thought she looked elegant and graceful swimming the breaststroke. now all she could picture was her looking like a spastic trout flapping out in the she made daddy record her swimming so she could decide whether to carry on. #truestory

 i left them to it and went for a little play on the swing. then it was time to go in and have lunch...that mummy didn't have to cook! this really was the life! as soon as lunch was done i was ready to go back for a swim but mama & daddy had convinced themselves they'd be going out for the night so they wanted to rest a bit. daddy's cousins poured in left,right and centre and before long it was a hubbub of activity. fast forward a few hours and it was back to mama, daddy, me & baby judah again. what happened? basically, mama and daddy had deluded themselves into believing the young'uns would want to be hanging out with mrs eau de breastmilk and mr bed by 10. one by one they had all made their excuses and rushed off to one party or other.  as daddy started dozing off i looked at mama and said "can we go for a swim now?"