Is there a glamorous side to parenting?

SO after the last post mummy sat me down to point out that there actually isn't a glamorous side to parenting....well, except the glossy pictures we take just before me or baby Judah mess up our clothes. mummy went on to tell me a few things that will never make it onto a magazine cover but are actually a more accurate image of parenting:

1 - the after-effects of the super-poo that goes all the way up the baby's back

2 - the face of a mum who has been up entertaining someone who thinks it's perfectly ok to wake up for a little play at 3 in the morning.

3 - the face of the same mum during teething season (in our household this began when Judah was 8 weeks old and has carried on with no teeth in sight...)

4 - the face of an inconsolable screaming baby

5 - parent bent over the bathtub cleaning up after baby has relaxed in the warm water & done her best to gross you out

6 - mum doing what only a mum can do to unblock her baby' s nose when it's blocked and the man-made contraption isn't working....

i stopped mum there because i'd like you guys to come back and visit this blog! mummy often likes to delve into the joys of labour & childbirth but again, i somehow managed to sidestep that one. so there you have it, far be it from me to ever mention that parenting is glamorous.

here is mummy a few weeks ago before it got really cold - she is currently obsessed with spots!




 what mummy wore:

shorts - zara (out of stock)

jumper - h&m 

shoes - topshop (old)

bag - river island (old)