it's just another manic monday..

so, you're probably wondering where we've been....

no, we haven't been on a fantastic trip to dubai - that was my friend hannah. Nor are we on a weeks break in the Lake District surrounded by beautiful nature with the gentle rush of the streams providing a serene soundtrack. no, that would be another little friend of mine whose name I shall not mention - you know who you are! nope, we've been here all this time. me generally keeping mummy very well exercised (she needs it, she went to London the other day and had aching muscles the next day from climbing up & down escalators - do not be fooled by her skinny legs: i have other ways of raising and lowering her heart rate: some days she'll find me on the window sill having navigated my way onto there via bean bag and bench, on other days she finds me in little judah's cot - i'll generally be standing in there winding up his mobile. the first time she found me there she went light brown from shock.


anyway, to bring you up to speed here is a list of things i am currently enjoying doing:

1 - still stripping down to my panties as soon as i get into the house.

2- licking mummy and daddy's face/ears because...well, it's fun

3- telling mummy "that's a good idea" whenever she tells me what she's about to do

4 - telling daddy " how about we read my story first?", whenever he suggests something for me to do at bedtime

5 - kissing and cuddling baby judah and telling him i love him because i do

6 - modelling! oh yes - i got to be a little model in our kids church brochure! i had so much fun and looked straight into the camera & said "cheeeeeeeese!" - mummy trained me well! if we get access to the images mummy says i can share them with you.

as you can see i have been extremely busy lately.

Taz Camera Download 286

Taz Camera Download 275

mummy has been acting busy too, claiming that motherhood of two is a shock to her system. her hair regularly looks like she's been electrocuted and so she runs around in a beanie hat most of the time.  everyday is like a manic monday in our house at the moment - we somehow make it out of here looking normal but trust me, one peek inside and you'll think you got the wrong address. i better get back to business - mummy's just cleaned the mirrors - perfect for a little lick and finger printing.

i wore:

top & leggings - zara

baby judah wore:

knitted top & trousers- zara

mummy wore:

jacket - river island

shorts & sweater - zara

necklace - accessorize

shoes - pied a terre

bag - mulberry

p.s- the pictures were taken by my uncle taz who has a fab new blog dedicated to natural hair. check it out here









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