she said to make myself comfortable....


we are looking to move to a house. mum is extremely excited about this prospect - i'm not sure why as it seems a house is bigger than this flat which she moans about cleaning. anyway, this prospective house move caused my parents to step up their school selection for me as this is a big factor in deciding where we move to. mummy wanted to move to bath just to live in a bath stone house but daddy soon brought her back down to earth!

on monday mummy and daddy decided to take me along to visit one of their shortlisted schools. as i am currently being potty trained  they were slightly on edge - this was not the time for me to have an accident. daddy was watching me like a hawk, whilst mummy attentively took in all that the headteacher had to say.

after what seemed to me like a cross country walk around this school we finished off in the headteachers office. i had by this point had enough and as the headteacher said "make yourself comfortable", i proceeded to start pulling my pants down. daddy immediately asked if i needed a wee to which i responded in the negative. i did not wish to have a wee, i just wanted to be comfortable - and these days, comfort involves running around with no trousers on. mummy tried to remain calm, and asked if i'd like to sit on her lap. yes i did, but with no pants on thanks! it was one of those mini tug of war moments as i willed my pants down and mummy pulled them up whilst the headteacher looked on amused and daddy clutched baby Judah. i finally gave in distracted by the headteacher who mentioned biscuits and saved mummy and daddy the horrors i had planned for them that morning.

we left the school with my parents dignity just about intact, and me munching on a custard cream. they should have known really...i refuse to wear my pyjama bottoms to bed and as soon as i get home, i take my shoes off and immediately remove my pants, preferring to run around bare-bottomed. i am 2 years and 3 months, i know my mind!!


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