Newborn Photo Session Part 2

we promised to show you the rest of our pics and here they are! these were actually taken a few weeks ago, in early september. they were done at painshill park which is where mummy and daddy had their wedding reception 5 years ago. it was a fun day, generally consisting of a very patient aunty maja, a "feed me seymour!" baby judah, and as for me, i was quite happy throwing stones into the lake and chasing the ducks! daddy had the job of keeping me from falling into the lake whilst mummy tried to keep up with judah's milk demands.










mummy's hair was looking a little rustic - she says it's in keeping with the rustic feel of the location. yeah - pull the other one mummy. i saw her freaking out when she initially realised she'd forgotten to tie her hair back. oh well, now she says the pictures convey "an imperfect beauty" which is what family is all about. as she continues in her english lecture i pretend to listen but really i'm thinking of how i can go back and watch peppa pig in peace. i know, let me do a wee right here...

p.s a very special thanks to the beautiful aunty maja for the awesome pictures. see more of her work at:




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