let the dapper dude speak...

hi there! i figured it was about time i got back in the game. we need some testosterone up in here! even my uncle lekan was complaining that i haven't been on in a while!

well, i am now 3 months and 3 weeks old. i have grown a lot since you last saw me, that is unless you follow my mummy on instagram in which case i haven't changed much since Friday! personality-wise...i'm a pretty chilled out kind of chap. i like to take things easy - unlike my little big sis who is like a mini hurricane these days. she tries to come and rough handle me, sneaking in a cheeky bite here and there. well...i am just biding my time. she sees me with my wobbly head and little legs and thinks she's the queen bee. well, i'm just watching and learning. i'm drinking as much milk as i can and have already shocked the doctor with my rapid growth.  yes, little big sis - mummy and daddy keep warning you. uncle taz was shorter than mummy once.....thats all i'm saying.  better get ordering those gravity boots - you are going to need them!

photo (25)


here i am throwing some shapes in my bouncer! i got better moves than jagger!


photo (26)


me enjoying the only bubbly i can...for now!

what i wore:

picture 1

navy cord trousers - zara

maroon cardi - zara

shoes - mamas & papas (from my aunty tolu)

picture 2

cardi - zara

trousers - mamas & papas

picture 3

me - created by God on a very good day!

p.s - incase you are wondering if  i've already been dabbling in some skin lightening cream, i actually had a horrible bout of eczema. thankfully  after much shea butter and baby aveeno, it is clearing up now. i guess there was a bit too much fineness going on all at once...watch out world, i'm back!


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