back to the grind....


it looks like little judah and i have a lot of updating to do. you would not believe all the dumb things our mummy has managed to do in the last few weeks. she blames it on "baby brain", a condition she says is induced by pregnancy and motherhood. she says it needs to be officially recognised and sufferers compensated by their spouses....with shiny glittery objects or high value leather goods. as she continues telling me of her plan to perhaps start a charity to support sufferers, i'm busy writing on my chalkboard and noting all her crazy acts of late.

photo (10)



  •  in the post titled 2028 - i told you my mummy had said that was the year my brother would turn 18. Well, are we in the year 2010? no? well, thats what i thought. mummy's lost her maths brain. just yesterday she was declaring that in 8 years time little judah would be 6. #truestory #backtoschoolmum


  •  judah tells me that he was most embarrassed 4 weeks ago when mummy dragged him to john lewis to go and report some issues she was having with her new bugaboo pram since converting from a bassinet to reclining seat. for some reason, the seat recliner appeared to be missing from the seat frame. mummy had dragged my super fashionista aunty adenike with her. she explained all the things that had gone wrong with the pram much to the dismay of the staff who were attentive in true John Lewis fashion. they noted down all her grievances and told her they were ringing bugaboo immediately as this had never happened before. mummy & aunty nikky left and returned in a couple of hours to find a mini congregation of the nursery team crowded around her list of issues. they informed her that bugaboo wanted to open a case & inquiry as this had never happened before and may result in possible product recalls. little judah was awoken from his happy nap as the staff began to prepare the pram to be photographed. next thing, mummy was called over by a senior staff member who pointed out that mummy had infact put the fabric onto the frame the wrong way round. as mummy's face turned from a chocolate brown to a deep aubergine, the lady proceeded to cross everything else off the list as it all stemmed from this one mishap. as it soon became clear to the other staff members that there was nothing to see anymore, people went their way and aunty adenike tried to cool mummy down by assuring her it could happen to anyone. (without a brain maybe!). so now mummy has been making any john lewis purchases online.


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i'm happy to let you know that whilst mummy's brain appears to be in.....well, lets call it rest mode...mine is young, vibrant and on the up! in the next post i shall be telling you all the clever things i've been saying lately which have been leaving mum an dad in fits of laughter or with their mouths wide when i shouted "no way ho-zay!" at mummy.


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oh mummy - and you look so normal....sigh.

we took those pictures after church and just before our swimming lesson! didn't i tell you? judah & i have started our lessons now. when mummy told me i was so excited & said "yay mummy! swimming with dolphins!". mummy's face fell as she realised she had given birth to someone with higher expectations than her own.

what i wore:

shorts, tights, cardi, blouse -  zara

shoes - pediped

what mummy wore:

dungarees, top & bag (all old season)- zara 

shoes (old season)- kurt geiger