our "newborn" photo session - part 1

2 weeks ago we got to have a photo session with the talented aunty maja tsolo. (you're probably wondering how huge my family is with all these aunts and uncles i keep mentioning. well....i'm african. anybody older than me is an aunt or uncle. thats the beginning and ending of the story. thats what mummy said anyway.....i'm still trying work out how i have about 4 grandmas so far....but i digress..)
so, 3 weeks ago mummy woke up in a panic realising she was slowly subjecting my brother to the "2nd child" syndrome: no big naming ceremony, no birth announcement card, no extra special anything for his birth. she had sworn she wouldn't be "one of those mums"....but here she was...living the nightmare. so she contacted aunty maja to see whether they could do a newborn shoot whilst my baby brother still resembled a newborn!  arrangements were made for 3rd august.

mummy was obsessed with a picture aunty maja took of a real newborn in a basket looking like she'd just been dropped off by a stork. she needed the same picture. the pictures i'm sharing today i am calling "basket case" - loosely referring to my mum.  i mean really - if a stork delivered a newborn this huge that stork would be either a) dead, or b) suing God. anyway, thankfully for mummy aunty maja indulged her. here goes.....


baby judah iyanu is delivered to....well..my aunty obose's doorstep (that's where we stayed for 2 weeks as daddy was away in australia for "work" - aha. mummy said if he was going on holiday then so were we. so we went to tropical crowthorne for 2 weeks.)


i opened the door - oh hello there  little brother who i have NEVER seen before!


thank goodness you're here mum - i could break my back trying to lift this baby. how did the stork do it?! give him a medal! 


here i am reassuring my little bro that our mummy is reasonably sane...


my little brother was saying: "i think i got delivered to the wrong address!! help me aunty maja!"


if you can't beat them - join them! she doesn't look like the "letting go" type anyway!!

i'll share more images with you in a few days. in the meantime, check out more of aunty maja's work at:

i wore

dress - mamas & papas

bow - h&m

judah-iyanu wore

linen romper suit - mamas & papas

mummy wore

maxi dress - zara


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