our first video post!!

so mummy has been driving us all nuts this week. how you may wonder.....well, last week she was fortunate enough to capture me on her iphone camera excitedly kissing and talking to my little brother. now she wont let anyone rest! she plays the video over and over and over and giggles to herself. now she wants to share the video with you but decided to make it look like i want to share it! well, this blog - unlike an african dictatorship - is about truth and transparency! i'm tired of the video - mummy put me up to this! enjoy!


"baby judah is again" - basically baby judah had woken up & i was saying "baby judah is awake again", just that i didn't know the word "awake".

"ready, steady, (kiss). i'm giving a kiiiiiiiiss, i'm giving him my kiss."

"oh, baby judah is...again."

(strokes baby judah)

" it's gentle." (i.e i'm being gentle because mummy says i should be gentle).

"baby judah is....again."

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