it is what it is....

yep - thats mummy's favourite new phrase. and aunty tinashe's. they've been running around like twin parrots finding any and every excuse to throw that into a sentence. e.g

mum: "hmm...tinashe, how short are those shorts you are wearing?"

aunty t: "it is what it is, haters gon' hate"

***both burst out laughing***

aunty t: "sha tana, you have beautiful babies."

mum: "you know this! it is what it is, haters gon' hate!"

***both burst out laughing***

sigh. what to do. my mummy is officially that embarrassing mum who tries to be cool. that phrase was cool - until she started saying it. now it can go on the list of things i will NEVER say.

how did all this come about anyway? well, one day whilst scrolling through the tv channels, mummy realised we suddenly had BET as part of our package. christmas had surely come early. right there on the list of programming was "Real husbands of Hollywood". It's a comedy show parodying all the "real housewife" shows, and amongst the many one-liners, this is the one that stuck. it wasn't the first time she'd heard it - just the best time! when she's not laughing hysterically at the humor, she's appreciating God's handiwork in some of the actors. **cough, ahem**. she says daddy is God's best handiwork ofcourse ;).

aha.... good save mum. i am just writing this to say mummy & aunty tina - NOBODY is hatin' on you! quit with the phrase & stop trying to be cool.

can you believe it - mummy just read this and said: "my point exactly! haters gon' hate! stop hatin' on me!"

oh no. she's in too deep. i'm out.


 **i don't know who the dude in the picture is - i found it at **

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