a new kind of normal

mummy's wardrobe is currently centred around 2 factors: breastfeeding friendly & easy to wear. she therefore has a lot of jumpsuits, maxi's, button up / loose shirts and shorts/trousers. oh yes - and flat shoes! much as she bought 101 pairs of heels during her pregnancy, she seemed to have forgotten that it was going to be harder to balance in heels whilst carrying a baby! so now the heels are for the weekends when daddy is around! i love to use this opportunity to go sprinting off in whatever direction i feel like whilst daddy straps little Judah into his car seat, knowing fully well that she cannot run as fast as me with those heels on, result! but now i'm getting a toddler leash......i didn't think that one through - arrgh!

here are some looks from last week:


jumpsuit, bag, shoes - zara

i wore:

outfit - zara baby

shoes - pedi ped at John Lewis


maxi dress - zara

photo (5) photo (6)

 tshirt, scarf, shorts, sandals - zara

bag - mulberry

as you can see mummy's obsession with zara grew in her pregnancy and beyond! she is now activelly looking for something non-zara to wear this week to prove she isn't a one-trick pony!! a lot of people have been asking how mummy has lost all the pregnancy weight so quickly. well, there's the running after me in heels which does wonders, and little Judah Iyanu breast-feeds like it's an olympic sport. At 7 weeks he's almost doubled his birth weight! as i type he's on mummy's lap, feeding away - i'm worried she will vanish into thin air soon! oh, wait - the chocolate eclairs with whipped cream are out! she wont be vanishing anytime soon! laters - off to get in on the eclair action!


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