something old, something new...

greetings from the world of chicken korma poops and sprinkler-effect wee wees! this is the case of something old, something new. mummy was already anticipating the chicken korma poop - she experienced that with my little big sis & had frequently wondered why stores bothered with white vests and sleepsuits....mustard coloured ones would save everyone a whole lot of bother!

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the sprinkler wees are a whole new territory. she was warned but nothing prepared her for the reality. it may have something to do with my aim, speed and accuracy (or a-s-a). i hear these are qualities that are highly valued in life - i decided to carry them through to everything i do. to be fair - eat, wee, poop and sleep are my main occupations; and i must say all are executed with my now trademarked a-s-a principle.(hey, if blue ivy can be trademarked, i can very well trademark my gift). mummy has only now been recovering from my intensive feeding regime. i have made it known to her body that there's a new man in the house. she watched in shock as i ate and her belly disappeared. she went into panic when the health visitor proclaimed that i'd put on 1kg in 3 weeks. "what if i disappear?" she muttered, "not sure i can keep up!".

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but keep up she has! somewhere between checking my mouth for the presence of fangs in the middle of every feed and dealing with the inevitable mustard nappies at the end of said feed, chasing little big sis away from me after once catching her poking my eye & shouting "wake up, baby judah!", and remembering to put food in her mouth - she lost and recovered her sanity! now, she's just trying to get some sleep. i've been doing my best to keep things light-hearted by impressing her with my ability to feed, burp and fart simultaneously without missing a beat. its my f-b-f principle. mummy did burst out laughing so i figured i'd impressed her. today i decided to try out a new one. she finished feeding me and was busy burping me. she couldn't resist leaning in for a little kiss and i decided to unleash my "burp & splurt in mummy's mouth" principle. that didn't go down so well. oh well, 2 out of 3 aint bad after just 28 days on the outside! back to the drawing board for me!

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i wore:

trousers & cardi - baby gap

top - zara-home kids (newborn)


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