My New Little Brother

i'm on cloud coconut as my 'sekuru' (grandpa in shona) would say! i have a little brother and i just love him. from the moment i set eyes on him i was besotted. i wanted to carry him even though i was in daddy's arms. he's so cute and little and my favourite thing to do is to shower him with kisses. mummy says i need to get those kisses in quick because one day he'll be way taller than me and wont want kisses from me or mummy! mummy got in there quick and told him "i'll always be your first kiss! no girl will ever take that away from me!"

one of the reasons i love my little brother so much is that he brought a little ride-on car for me with him from mummy's tummy! how did he know thats just what i'd been wanting! ever since i discovered this song all by myself on youtube, i've been desperate for a car! now i know why mummy's tummy was so big!!  he is the best little brother ever! i told everyone at nursery about it the next day!


every morning when i wake up i rush into mummy's room to give him a cuddle & when i come in from nursery i do the same. mummy says i'm a great big sister. sometimes though, i do get frustrated with him - like when i was trying to show him daddy's dirty running shoes and he just kept his eyes shut. i thought it might be a good idea to tap him on the head with the shoe but it seems mummy's mind reading skills have been sharpened with the arrival of this new person and she swiftly marched me and daddy's shoes out of the room.

morning cuddles

evening cuddles

i know he's a bit cheeky and has already jumped on the blog to introduce himself to you all! i don't mind for now - but i tell you if i dont get the same number of comments or more for my articles then....well....there may be a problem or two ahead...