I have arrived!

hello world! on Tuesday at 12:20pm all 7lb 5oz of me decided to make an appearance. i am a pretty chilled out, cool kinda dude. I've mostly been eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping for the last 36 hours or so. that, and entertaining one or two visitors...


my first visitor was my big sister who decided to come in disguise.....mummy almost didn't recognise her! she'd had a face-painting day at nursery. She was very nice to me - kissed me, stroked me and sang for me. I hear she told everyone at nursery about me the next day! nice! My fame is spreading already!

its been fun introducing myself to you all! I had hijacked the iPad whilst big sis is at nursery - gotta make sure the right images get out there! Besides, she's going to have to learn to share now - time to mix this blog up with some male fashion! (Mummy says I'm going to be in big trouble with big sis for that pic cos her hair looks a mess - well, I say that's the least of her worries! What's with the perma-raised eyebrows? Has she had a face-lift already?!) sleepy time for me!