what colour are you painting it now?

ok...there's no getting away from it...we've been awol! mummy has been in "nesting mode"  for the last 5 weeks and been de-cluttering the flat like it was an olympic sport. it all began with her watching "the hoarder next door" on channel 4. she envisioned all the fabulous things she's amassed over the years slowly taking over the flat and us disappearing in an albeit lovely, but suffocating pile of Vogue magazines & boxes of must have shoes..  initially this process consisted of generally moving items from one room to the next. in the end mummy had to call in the big guns and got vacuum packing some of her clothes....(she will not be fitting into any of it anytime soon), and chucking out a whole lot of things we just don't need!

once safety had been restored, mummy moved onto sorting out my room. i have been told i'll be sharing this room with this new baby...i am so unbothered. mummy went into full interior designer mode and has been updating the furniture and coming up with all kinds of exciting room arrangements. daddy just walks into the house and says he's glad to recognize mummy & I, as we are the only thing that seems to remain the same in our house! just today he's come home to find mummy busy changing a mirror from a colour she painted it only last week. we'll share pics with you once the nursery is done...should be very shortly as baby is nearly here!

so...part of the joy of de-cluttering is re-discovering things you haven't seen in a while. that's what mum said as she happily slipped on these heels.... she's currently banned from wearing heels....

blog 20.06 3

she made it as far as the end of her photo shoot before changing into her flats!

blog 20.06 2

blog 20.06

mummy wore:

shirt - Reiss

jeans - h&m maternity

shoes - ralph lauren collection

bag - zara

tomorrow we'll be back with pics from mummy's baby shower