baby shower i got to attend my mummy's babyshower a couple of weeks ago. it was....interesting. i thought it was all about the baby and everyone gushing about how sweet and gorgeous this new little life was going to be and generally being lady-like. mummy even dressed in a flowing maxi dress that was made of  the softest silk. she seemed to be in an ethereal, earth-mother mood. we arrived at my aunty's home and my preconceptions were quashed. i'd fallen asleep in the lull of the drive, only to be rudely awoken by the blare of Nigerian music as my mum made her "grand entrance" to her special party! she danced backwards, she danced forwards, she stuck a leg out and she she hid it again under her dress. all my other up-until-then respectable aunties suddenly joined in the madness and there was much wiggling of hips and gravity defying movement.

i simply looked on, stunned and trying to make sense of what was going on. as my aunty's came to give me cuddles i cried as though i didn't know them - to be fair, i clearly didnt! i'm sure some of those moves were illegal.




daddy! look what mummy was doing!! someone did warn her she might go into labour with those moves. she just laughed!

after they'd danced, they played some games. WW3 nearly broke out as the 2 teams they were in had a tie on one game. they had to come up with a list of songs with the word "baby" in them and there were some pretty suspicious song names in there!  one team had "baby, baby, baby oh" and "oh baby baby baby" - when quizzed it turned out it was the same song! mummy's team smelled a rat and demanded that all their answers be verified! they still tied and i watched as my 2 party-organising aunties were mobbed by 2 groups of women determined to win this game! even the tie-breaker was contested! somehow we managed to move on with no bloodshed or early labour from the 4 baby bumps in the room!


 me spinning some tunes on my deck...


what the heck - if you can't beat them join them i say!

incase you are wondering - there really were other people there - mummy just said i wasn't allowed to put their pictures up - they all have incriminating evidence of illegal moves. she said our blog isn't making enough money to deal with the lawsuits that may follow from all her friends and cousins.

here instead are some pics of the yummy cupcakes made by mummy's friend gabby from olivias sweet bakes. they were so yummy! - check out her facebook page & like it :)



some very good advice mummy got:

1. don't forget about baby #1 when this new one comes, she'll still need you.

2. all aunties were encouraged to bring me a gift when they come to see baby so that i don't feel left out

the rest didn't concern me so i dont remember - something about not neglecting dadddy, ummm....asking for help..., being an all round superwoman etc.

mummy really loved the shower, organised by my aunties: segs the super beauty blogger, ozi the super fashion stylist, and tinashe who has no website yet but is a super aunty who always makes it round in time to change my dirty nappies (i  always greet her at the door with "aunty, i done a poo poo" - much to her delight...not).

mummy was in tears when we got home because of just how kind and generous everyone had been. she kept saying "i love them all!". hmmm...last time i heard her exclaiming such love was when she was high on gas & air during her labour with me. were they all high on gas & air?!

anyway, i need to buy me a video camera and be prepared for the next baby shower! lots of bribery material....aha!

mummy wore: 

maxi - french connection

sandals - zara

i wore:

top  -zara kids

shorts - primark