"Hello? Tina?"

so...the wedding was in goathurst, somerset. sounds posh right? thats why mummy went into a mini outfit panic! anyway, we set off for hunstile organic farm - the venue for the wedding- early on monday morning, mummy hoping there was definitely a wedding on the cards! as sods law would have it, her camera lens decided to jam the night before, meaning we had no way of taking decent pictures. mummy was in some distress as we headed down & watched some youtube videos in search of help. she stopped trying to fix it when the guy got to the part where you now needed a screwdriver. there's diy - then there's DIY.

iphone in hand, mummy got some pictures taken by a shivering daddy upon arrival at the venue. it was freezing !


here i am with daddy as we walked up to the bus that would ferry all the guests to the church. once in church it was time for mummy & daddy to keep me entertained as much as they could! i had fun sorting the collection envelopes. then i spotted a pen and decided i would like to write on the envelopes. mummy immediately whipped out my colouring book & crayons from aunty adenike. that kept me occupied for a while then i decided i wanted some biscuits. i just said "mummy, wheres-a mo-mo's biscuit?". Mummy heard "MUMMY!!!! WHERE IS MO-MO'S BISCUIT!!!" she quickly whipped out the rusks which i dealt with swiftly.



when there was singing, i sang along. when they stopped, i hummed a nursery rhyme, then decided to carry on singing my own made up song as mummy & daddy tried desperately to shhhhhh me!  after that the bride & groom signed the register and i got increasingly bored and restless. i then saw the bride and groom re-emerge and mummy whipped out her phone to take a picture. i said "mummy, mo-mo phone". Mummy heard "MUMMY MO-MO PHONE!!" and handed over the phone quickly whist hushing me. I lay back in daddy's arms as the place fell silent and said "hello? Tina?" . To mummy I may as well have been screaming from a hilltop, she was so embarrassed as those seated in front turned around. whilst i knew they were all admiring my cuteness, mummy felt they were looking down on her lack of parenting skills. well, i proceeded to fill aunty Tina in on the events of the morning so far and as the music filled the air for the bride & groom to exit, my voice ascended in protest to ensure Tina heard every last detail of the morning thus far. mummy laughed so hard but desperately tried to hide it! she said i looked like like a businesswoman making a deal on a sun lounger in Hawaii.

the rest of the day was a blur of eating lots of  yummy food, me dancing with my new friend Jo, and mummy plotting how to get the most comfy sofa she ever sat on out of the farmhouse and into our flat!




 i wore:

dress & cropped cardi - zara baby - last year

coat - baby gap (gift from my godfather - yes, he's got great taste & yes, he's single)

shoes - clarks

mummy wore:

dress - french connection

jacket - zara (last year)

shoes - ralph lauren

brooch - vintage


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