mummy takes a tumble..

do you remember when you were younger and your mum told you to always make sure you wear clean underwear / matching socks / matching underwear incase you were hit by a bus and had to be rushed to hospital? do you remember thinking "i think i'll be thinking of more important things than my socks or underwear should i find myself in that predicament? well, mummy found herself in just that predicament on sunday. ok, so she wasn't hit by a bus. nor was she wearing dirty socks / underwear but observers may have been forgiven for allowing their minds to wonder if she might.IMG_1873

it was an otherwise happy sunday afternoon as we strolled back to the car after watching my uncle act in a play, and had an unsuccessful trip to hunt for some nigerian food. mummy was unfortunately wearing some rather high heels having forgotten her flat shoes at home. she always carries them in her bag but this time, she didn't. another thing that happened that very busy morning was that she noticed her toe nails were badly chipped and couldn't locate the nail polish that she'd used initially. the heels she was going to wear were open toe so she decided to do that trick so popular with time-starved girls the world over: just paint the 2 toes that will be seen! She had to paint over the existing turquoise nail polish with a peach coloured nail polish (this is what she had on her finger nails). It didn't quite cover the turquoise but was manageable. Her outfit was otherwise on point and she was feeling like the hottest mama on the block!

back to our stroll to the car and mummy, daddy & aunty were discussing other nigerian restaurant choices when mummy pulled her phone out of her bag to google one. next thing we knew mummy was on the ground clutching her foot in agony. she had tripped over the kerb. she whipped off her heel and was rubbing her foot when she caught sight of her toenails. "oh damn!" she thought. as she was still trying to think of how to cover these nails, a little crowd began to gather. "oh no! it's that pregnant woman that was watching the play!". ice was brought over and people still hung around. mummy was just thinking about her nails and feeling very embarrassed. 2 orange/turquoise nails and 3 badly chipped nails. oh and dry feet. it was NOT her day. as it was london marathon day, police presence was high. a police van pulled up. nice. they called for an ambulance. then more cast members from the play came over. awesome. it was getting better by the minute. mummy wanted the ground to swallow her up. the ambulance couldn't come so daddy was asked to get the car and drive her to the hospital. before he left mummy asked him for his socks. i've never seen her so happy to put on a pair of daddy's sweaty socks.

moral of the story: you will think about it so listen to your mummy! (hmm...did mummy do this on purpose to get me to listen to her?ha! we'll see about that!)


 p.s i should've mentioned that mummy and the baby are both fine - mummy protected her tummy and landed on her side. everything is 100% ok & baby has been active as ever! mummy now has an excuse for buying lots of flat shoes!