Every Cloud....

well, with all the trauma my mummy is facing due to the continued expansion of her posterior (she assures me it's not another baby)...she felt she was due a bit of good news. she told me very cloud has a silver lining. I therefore expected her to  be grinning from ear to ear as she spotted a silver hair amongst her full black afro. Instead she screamed "nooooo!!! I'm only in my early 30's". I figured this wasn't the time to point out she is actually more mid than early. Oh well, there was only one thing for it.....only she can't shop in zara at the moment.

she decided to enter the daybreak competition to win an Audi sports car full of gadgets & handbags. maybe that'll be her silver lining - after all the car is silver :)!

I, on the other hand have been excited by the new zesty colours in store for spring. mummy bought me this cardi from ZARA a few weeks ago and ever since we can't get enough of the colour!



cardi - zara

hair band - monsoon

here are some of my favourite pieces in zesty lime & yellow :

From GAP

this pretty dress will look awesome with little sandals whilst we picnic in henley!

gap eyelet dress

mummy loves little rompers - not so practical with potty training but cute none-the-less

gap romper

this dress would be perfect for a little bridesmaid...i'm waiting patiently for my call ...

rl dress

how cute are these skinny jeans? and that polka dot belt makes me want to go on holiday...

rl skinny jean

from ZARA

i know this top isn't lime but it will look amazing with the shorts and pinafore dress below it...

striped top lime shorts zara lime dress

i've got work to do. right - where did i hide daddy's card again? see ya!


p.s at the time of going to press mummy had not heard from daybreak about the competition. i guess she didn't win. she better just embrace that silver hair!

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