An April Wedding

about 4 weeks ago mummy received an invitation in the post from one of her best friends from high school who told her she was getting married....on April Fools Day! mummy wasn't sure whether this might have been a joke or not, but never one to miss out on an opportunity to buy a new dress she started planning her outfit with military precision. first stop: zara ofcourse. she is currently obsessed with all the yellow in there and, style-wise, wanted something that would look like Victoria Beckham's outfit to Prince William's wedding:

victoria beckham looking simply elegant in her own label

yellow dress

she went into the fitting rooms laden with garments, confident she'd leave with her card slightly lighter and arms a little heavier. her body proved her undoing as she struggled to squeeze herself into one loose fit dress after the other. it soon became clear to mummy that zara + competing bump & backside do not mix. she decided to try on a maxi dress to make herself feel better then left. arms empty, bank card full. back to the drawing board.

mummy decided to shop in her closet & came up with the below outfit, much to daddy's delight.  she initially found the dress only & then realised the clutch bag & shoes she bought for her birthday matched it. she decided to forgive zara and go back to look for a jacket to wear over the top - especially as it was still snowing the week before the wedding! once she realised their new favourite price point was £89.99 for almost every jacket, she left. back to the closet where she found a cream zara summer jacket! perfect!




the moral of this little story is: shop in your closet - you never know what gems are in there!

the wedding was fab! pics of us at the wedding and outfit details are coming up in the next post - plus an insight into how to make a scene during a wedding ceremony!

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