30 Weeks Today!

mummy has now been pregnant for 30 weeks! yay! she is very excited but also says she's a bit nervous because there's just 10 weeks before the baby comes. cue her list of things to do! daddy says mummy is always finding something to do. this doesnt stop mummy. she's very excited because DIY is one of her favourite things. obviously as she's pregnant she wont be able to do much (e.g painting) but she's already booked daddy for the next 2 bank holidays - poor daddy. she's excited about sewing though! we'll be sharing all the little projects with you over the next week.

in the meantime - mummy took me to an activity centre yesterday with my friend jadon. she mostly sat and watched me play. we had lots of fun. jadon is always trying to cuddle me but as soon as he starts coming towards me i tell him: "no jadon...cuddles!!". mummy says when i'm 13 i'll probably have a crush on him and she'll remind me of this time when i wouldn't let him give me cuddles & kisses.

well, she's the one who said "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen". just being obedient mummy!

 mummy wore

paisley print trousers - warehouse

t-shirt - zara

shoes - office


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