shopping and dreaming and mulberry and cleaning......

...these are a few of mum's favourite things....

here are the rest:

1. filling online shopping baskets to the point where she has almost one of everything available in zara - then shutting down and shouting 'ONE DAY!!'

2. getting daddy to ring up estate agents so she can view properties she cant afford then coming home a little depressed and cleaning in the hope her bathroom and kitchen can look like the one she just saw.

3. telling my hair to grow ( i clearly tell it not to grow as i'm not ready for the afro madness that awaits me)

4. chasing me around with a camera trying to get images for this blog. hang on, i think that's one of my favourite things - she doesn't look too amused when i dash off just as she says 'perfect shot -no!  wait there!'.

5. the smell of good quality leather shoes. i catch her sitting there smelling her new boots - weirdo.

6. kissing me and cuddling me from morning till night....when i let her.

7. buying....anything. anything at all. daddy says money makes her feel itchy.

8. putting the cart before the horse. daddy says 'i agree. lets buy a house'. mummy hears 'start filling up the garage with furniture for the new house - NOW!'

mummy says her ultimate favourite thing is sitting by my cot and watching me sleep...and marvelling at what a blessing & little miracle i am. cheesy.

mummy wore:

jacket - 

river island

shirt - miss selfridge (old) 

jeans - all saints (past season)

shoes - topshop (old)

bag -