no no no no....

its been a busy couple of weeks! as you know we are busy working on our new website 


...well, mummy is....

i just tell her 'no,no' when i don't like something. i bet you didn't realise i could talk now! yes - my speech is coming along nicely. i can now say a few things - mummy is required to interpret what these sayings are. 

here is my dictionary:

aa tiii - thank you

taaa - thank you, now give it to me

kaka - mummy (her name is tanaka so i call here kaka, or daddy when she asks me to say mummy)

daddy - daddy : pretty easy to say. that's my story and i'm sticking with it.

kaki - ducky

a ball- a ball

sooz - shoes

...and as previously stated, i have learnt to articulate 'no'. 

what a magical word. 

that, coupled with my shaking of the head and the occasional wagging of the finger guarantee that mummy/daddy stop whatever they are doing to annoy me. i have also discovered it comes in especially handy when they try to trick me by diverting my attention with a toy when i want my milk - i don't care that it's hot. i look them square in the face and say 'NO' and point at the bottle.

finally, when someone i'm not too sure about charges at me to try and kiss me, i can now expressly say 'NO' and wag the finger incase they are hard of hearing. should they continue stampeding in my direction, i turn my entire body away and say 'nonononononono!'. mummy is not best pleased about this latest development. 

anyway, here she is feeling very pleased with her new hair!

and here i am protesting as i still have the same old hairstyle - not fair.

mummy wore:

waxed trousers - topshop (old, try these

from zara


shirt - rugby, ralph lauren

jumper - 

available here

shoes - poste mistress at office (old,)

i wore:

cord jeans - baby gap

cardi - mamas & papas

denim jacket - baby gap

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