my first haircut!!

ok - so there wasn't exactly much to start off with, but the fact remains that the scissors did their justice to the little bit of fluff there was on my head. it was time, mummy said, to face the fact that i was just not going to be one of those babies with a head full of fluffy curly afro hair. instead i was to face my reality and make the most of a bald head - for now. as she was chatting, i really wasn't too bothered. i was watching the fluff falling and thinking of how i could reach it and taste it. i'd never seen anything like it - looked so tasty. however it was as if mummy was reading my mind, for as my little finger reached down to grab the fluff she swooped in like a seagull and grabbed it. she said she's saving a bit for me to see when i'm older. there was only a bit on my head so i guess she's saved it all. 

oh well - here i am on sunday after the haircut, with the biggest bow she could find!

finally home!

i wore:

cord trousers - baby gap (old) try 

these zara ones


these baby gap ones

shirt - zara kids available 


cardi - zara kids available 


hair band - zara kids available in store

shoes - clarks  available 


ok, fine - here's what mummy wore even though she wouldn't let me eat my hair:

trousers - twenty8twelve (old)

top - zara available 


necklace - mango 

similar here

bag - vintage bally

shoes - topshop (old) 

as you can see i'm sporting some snazzy shoes - more about them in the next post!