a few of my favourite things...

mummy and i have decided to write posts about a few of our favourite things. here are mine in countdown order:

10. scratching mummy or daddy or any other adults eyes and shouting "ouch!" as I do so.

9. playing kissy kiss with  mummy and daddy where I kiss them both in turn over and over till we all burst out laughing ...

8. waving my finger and shouting at mummy or daddy when they do something to annoy me.

7. wrapping my arms around the necks of those I love for that extra special cuddle

6. throwing toys/food/anything not rooted down, from a high place and watching them hit the ground....then

saying 'oopsi daisy' and demanding that mummy or daddy pick them up.... so I can do it all over again.

5. spit out any food that's in my mouth as soon as I spot my juice - I've got to create room.

4. cece my rag doll who comes everywhere with me.

3. saying 'dada' when mummy begs me to say mummy.

2. demanding to brush my teeth when mummy or daddy brush theirs....whether mine have already been brushed or not.

and at number 1......

...pooping in the bath tub just for the added drama that creates. especially when my godmother aunty tinashe comes round to babysit.

yep...i think i'll leave you with that image in your minds...i'll show you mummy's list tomorrow!

here's me in my favourite outfit from the last week. i am doing my ultimate favourite thing - admiring my good looks in the mirror with my duckies that i always sneak out of the bathtub:

 whole outfit from zara baby

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