just another day in the office...

last week i got to visit mummy's office. it was one of those odd days when mummy decided she was having a life and going out with her colleagues for an after-work cocktail. so...she picked me from nursery then daddy picked me from her office and took me home. i'd overheard her chatting about this in the morning. so that day i decided to eat sand at nursery. i ate as much sand as i could fit in my little fists. what i hadnt bargained for was what would happen to me after it went through my tummy. lets just say my bottom needed a LOT of tlc. i just pooped sand all evening. mummy on the other hand enjoyed a fun evening out with her colleagues. i saved her some sandy poop for the morning diaper - wouldn't want her to feel left out.

 thats me & mummy's colleague, Louise. we played peekaboo & she let me show her my expertise on the computer. here i am signing off a few purchase orders. i was checking all the figures matched back ofcourse.

mummy's other colleague, Victoria - took this lovely photo and gave it this aged effect. why can't my mummy do cool stuff like this? 

anyway, i gave lots of hi fives and cuddles before leaving them all to enjoy their night out.

i wore:

dress - zara baby

mummy isnt on this blog today - we aren't talking. you know where to find her when she's on a time-out: styledbytanaka.blogspot.com