reminisce on the love we had...

ok...i've been lying low. mummy has NOT been best pleased with me lately. it seems my habit of waking up at 1, 3 and 5 in the morning is not amusing to her. i just don't get it! i remember a year ago, she was the one poking me and pressing my chest checking if i was still alive....every 5 minutes! naturally i thought that was the natural order. we all go to bed, then every so often we wake up to check the other person is alive. they are the ones who have made the game harder by putting me in a cot in a separate room. if we were in the same bed, i could just poke her too. or open her eyes. or drool on her face. or bite her lip. or her cheek or nose. ok, i confess - thats what i was doing last week when she gave up and just let me sleep in her bed cos she was going bananas. unfortunately for me that proved to be my undoing. it seems these things that are endearing during daytime hours are not so amusing at night.


so much to learn....give me a chance mummy...i'm only 1...

for now i reminisce about a time gone by. a time before mummy started work and wasn't too bothered whether i woke her up at 1 in the morning because we could sleep till 1 in the afternoon....

yes.... i remember this little outing to henley-on-thames to feed the ducks...

i wore:

all-in-one -baby gap

mummy wore:

top - topshop

skirt - primark

belt - french connection

...and i remember this little impromptu picnic at the park near our house:

i wore:

dress - baby gap

mummy wore:

skirt - gap

denim shirt - reiss

and here we are in our matching denim shorts! oh boy, those were the days!

i wore:

top & denim shorts - zara baby

mummy wore:

shorts - river island

top - french connection

oh well. i guess i better go to bed and stay asleep. maybe that way i can work my way back to her comfy bed....and have one more bite of her cheek. look.... i'm teething, and no teething toy provides as much satisfaction as a yelping mummy!