Look who's walking too!!

Ok - i'd had enough. everywhere we went it seemed all people wanted to know was whether i was walking or not. well i wasn't in the zone yet. i didn't want to walk. i was quite happy on all fours where i could continue to scrutinise every inch of the floor undisturbed. one day i might spot a little seed on the kitchen floor whilst mummy cooks at which point she screams as I place it speedily in my mouth and speed off! on another I might chase after the rubbish as mummy tries desperately to sweep. why walk?!

I wore:

dress - h&m (from my godmum Aunty Segs)

shoes - zara baby

well that was until yesterday, Sunday August 26th, when as we sat in the family room in church it seemed all my fellow friends had sold out on me. off they went one by one as everyone ooh'd and ahh'd. I was trying to be unbothered until the one baby with the hair that my mummy envies above all others decided to make a beeline for my mummy. what?! I was not having it. i got up too and just went for it, collapsing in a heap on my mummy after 3 steps. attention turned back to me and balance was restored. Of course now that I'd revealed my capabilities on 2 legs there was no turning back. The rest of Sunday was spent with mummy chasing me with her camera and me refusing to perform on demand. balance well and truly restored.

mummy wore:

knitted top-  topshop

Jeans - allsaints

shoes - office