Back from the Abyss...

Ok guys - have you missed me...I have missed you. I know I've been a bit AWOL lately - but really it was beyond my control. Mummy has shipped me off to nursery! How rude right?! So there I was 6 weeks ago, minding my own business gathering dust particles under the sofa (mummy really needs to step up her cleaning standards) - when bam! I was picked up by mummy and whisked off for a 'taster' session at my new 'daytime' home. What? Taster what now? Hmm. I thought 'yeah I'll show you!' 

that very week I had a tummy bug. Nice. 

this is not a good time!

The following week mummy got all dressed up and I got very suspicious. I knew mummy likes to feel like some real housewife of royal Berkshire but this was taking it a bit far - it was Monday and 6:30am! I realised something was up when I wasn't getting the star treatment. Then she said the 'w' word! How dare she?! After all my sweetness the past 11 months she dared to step back into the world of high heels and fake smiles! I held onto her leg and pleaded with her not to go. 

But I looked at the shoes she wore and realised I didn't stand a chance. Those are her 'don't stop me now!' shoes. Her 'I am woman, hear me roar!' shoes. Damn.

 She left me screaming. By the time she reached the bottom of the stairs I'd moved on to singing my 1,2,3 song with baby tv. Just had to ensure that the guilt hung in he air around her. 6 weeks and 6 bugs - all ending with some kinda 'itis'- later, i am alive well and realising nursery has provided a whole new way of winding mummy up - like when I decided to leap into the arms of my nursery nanny as soon as we get there and give her the "what are u still doing here?" look. life is good people! 

things can only get better! ok, stop singing the song. stop.

i wore:

romper - next

mummy wore:

trousers - uniqlo

top - zara

shoes - massimo dutti