I am 1 today!

time sure does fly when you are having fun!! mummy says she can't believe i am 1 already...she doesn't know where the time went! she says it's like yesterday when she was holding this tiny little screaming person thinking 'this is not how they look in the movies!'. to be fair mummy says everything about labour is nothing like the movies! it's less glowing mum with sweet smelling baby and more.......well, i stopped listening....

can we focus on the here and now please? 

right - so we had a party yesterday to celebrate & i had so much fun!  it was book-themed so all my aunties & uncles got me books they enjoyed when they were younger! i woke mummy up at 6 this morning so we could update my blog...she was not amused!

mummy & I setting up before the party started

if i can't lick the cake then i WILL NOT let you get your dream picture!

i'll happily play with a pom pom though :)

me & cousin chloe having a stand-off!

smile i say!

a kiss maybe??

my yummy cake, cupcakes & cake-pops

these delicious cupcakes came later in the party and were made by my aunty Tope! Yuuuummmy!

me & cousin Chi-Chi. 

look at my gorgeous friend Issy! her outfit was amazing too! 

with my godparents - 2 girls & a guy :)

rub out the 1, next year it's the big 2!!

 I wore a dress bought by my aunty carol all the way in Aussie: 

white dress with applique: zara kids, ribbon john lewis

mummy wore:

playsuit: Topshop (old)

our lovely suppliers:

birthday cake:  

milly's cakes and events

cream cheese iced cupcakes & chocolate cake pops: Aunty Olivia (inbox for details)

strawberry cupcakes - Cupcakes Diva - topeforever@yahoo.com / 07825161972

pom pom decorations - 

Paper Macaron Studios